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Team SME – This phrase is central to our belief that it takes a community of people working together to create the kind of learning environment that every child should be a part of; one that promotes high academic achievement, values diversity, and fosters a life-long love of learning. Legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, said, “Team spirit is difficult to see; you feel it. And it’s a powerful feeling for any organization to have.” Our team spirit can be felt in the words and actions of all San Marcos Elementary staff, parents, students and community members, and is the driving force behind all of our efforts to ensure every student in our school reaches and exceeds grade level standards.

San Marcos Elementary School is one of eleven elementary schools in the San Marcos Unified School District that educates over 16,000 students. Located in an established area of San Marcos, San Marcos Elementary is predominately a “neighborhood school,” with 33 regular classrooms and two state pre-school classes. Currently, we serve approximately 820 kindergarten through fifth grade students, with an ethnic make up of 94% Hispanic, 3% White, and 5% other. 90% of our students bring the gift of a second language to school and are classified as English Learners, and 97% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Through our Team Spirit, we are creating a school that:

  • Focuses on the needs of all students through a common vision, shared decision making, and meaningful communication with our community.
  • Uses a systematic approach to assessment to ensure all students are meeting state standards.
  • Provides all students with a comprehensive, balanced, standards-aligned curriculum.
  • Believes in an inclusive model and utilizes a variety of instructional practices to meet the needs of our special population.
  • Fosters academic excellence through high quality professional development for all staff.
  • Promotes instructional leadership and collaboration among teachers and paraprofessionals.
  • Ensures that all students in need have access to support services.
  • Maximizes student achievement through a focus on their health and well-being.
  • Involves our community in contributing to the success of our school.

John Wooden also said, “Team spirit is a driving force that transforms individuals who are ‘doing their jobs correctly’ into an organization whose members are totally committed to working at their highest levels for the good of the group.” San Marcos Elementary is an organization that is committed to working at our highest levels and will do whatever it takes for the good of the group – our students!

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